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    Private Layer acusada de fraude

    Segundo e-mail "confidencial" do investidor Grupo Panaglobal 15 S.A, o provedor panamenho não paga o leasing dos equipamentos faz vários meses. Hoje (21) a Private Layer teria informado 24h de prazo para os clientes procederem a migração para outros equipamentos da PL sob a falsa alegação que o GP irá desconectar os servidores e apagar os dados.

    O Grupo Panaglobal garante que os servidores não serão desconectados e nada será apagado. Está constituindo um provedor (Rackend) para manter a operação.

    Filme antigo.

    The owner of Private Layer is James Reed McCreary the previous owner of Alpha Red.
    In the following links you can read all about Mr. James McCreary and his history of defrauding his investors and abandoning his clients.
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    Caceta! Logo quem é o dono da parada?
    O maluco não aprendeu, mesmo sendo preso?

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    GP/Rackend clarifying again Privatelayer

    Date : Thu, 24 Dec 2015 22:23:05 -0200

    Dear Privatelayer Clients,

    This is Fernando again we would like to again clarify that we have not turned off your servers. Privatelayer has decided to cut the uplink to your servers in an attempt to ruin our starting reputation. I have also received many emails from clients requesting there data. We have been 100% honest and disclosed documents to show that we have nothing to hide. Below you will find copys of the emails my partners have sent over the past couple days to Equinix. They consider their responded emails confidential and I do not want to bring them into this mess. They are being extremely understanding and are 100% aware of James Mccreary/Privatelayer fraud. In the emails you will all see that we are only waiting for Equinix to prepare the cross connects. Since Privatelayer has decided to kill the uplink we have pushed the order through and our uplink will be able to go live on Jan 29th 2016. Take a moment to visit it is almost completed. I calculate it will be done by Dec, 30 2016.

    Any current Privatelayer client that has data on our servers will be able to access there data for free 8 days after we launch. If you would like to continue your service with is please add me on skype id rackendsales. And again any current client that wishes to stay will have the first 2 months 50% off and automatic 10% off their recurring monthly bill.

    I am also including copy of pour contract again because legally Privatelayer had to keep the uplink online untill Dec 30th 2015.

    Copy of the 1st, 2nd and last page of the contract between Grupo Panaglobal 15 S.A and Private Layer is in the following link:


    WHT Link


    Our leasing provider have taken these servers prior to our set deadline of 12/28/15. Unfortunately, the old servers for this cabinet are no longer available. We will be removing the old device from the control panel shortly. Please let us know if you have any trouble or needs with the new device.

    Thank you for your business, and sorry for this trouble.

    James Prado
    Private Layer INC


    Fernando Yemail
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    Subject : GP/Rackend Clarifications

    Date : Fri, 08 Jan 2016 23:54:06 -0200

    Grupo Panaglobal would like to again dispute Privatelayer’s claims with facts and certified documents by the Republic of Panama.

    On July 2015, Grupo Panaglobal was forced enact a clause in their partnership agreement. This clause states that if Privatelayer/James McCreary should fail to meet the monthly payments, Grupo Panaglobal/Fernando Yemail would subsequently acquire 55% ownership of Privatelayer. James Mccreary failed to issue these shares and in doing so Privatelayer was forced to give up full rights and access to the client database, tickets, website, I.P.’s, etc. owned by Privatelayer per the contract signed in 2013. This information was released to Grupo Panaglobal on Oct 7, 2015 when we reached a settlement agreement renewing the contract for 4 years. This contract can be found in our previous email.

    Partnership Agreement signed 2013
    Purchase Agreement signed 2013

    We dispute the claim made by James McCreary stating that Ezequiel Pineda and Fernando Yemail were simply just employees of Privatelayer, when in fact they were both on the board of directors and Fernando Yemail has been an investors since 2013 as shown in the link below.
    Certification Privatelayer Board

    We apologize for those afflicted and we will immediately begin to deliver the servers to the clients affected by this situation. Rackend will also be offering 3 months free to all Privatelayer clients. In order to qualify for our free courtesy services, all clients must enroll with Rackend using their Privatelayer email. Further information on how to qualify for the courtesy service will be included in a future email.

    An additional 240 servers have been purchased and are currently on their way to Zurich Equinix ZH5.

    Skype ID: rackendsales

    This will be our last email responding to Privatelayer’s false claims. We believe we have backed up all our claims with facts and certified documents by the government of Panama. Our priority now and always will be to our clients.


    Fernando Yemail
    Grupo Panaglobal
    Skype Rackendsales

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