Vultr’s BGP feature brings an unprecedented level of flexibility, performance, and redundancy to your cloud infrastructure. Deploy platform-agnostic and highly available infrastructure on the high performance Vultr platform with your own IP space.

There is currently no charge for BGP as we introduce this feature. Pricing will be announced in 2016.

With our new feature, you can now announce /24 or larger prefixes on our global platform. Make your transition to the cloud easier than ever by maintaining your existing IPs and attaching them to your Vultr cloud instances!

Leveraging our worldwide footprint with locations in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, you can also take advantage of this feature to deploy your IP space in multiple locations simultaneously. Utilizing BGP Anycast, your applications will benefit from automatic failover during outages and best path routing to the closest available region to improve end-user experience.

14 Locations - BGP announcement of your IP space is available in any of Vultr’s worldwide locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Highly Available - Utilizing BGP, traffic automatically fails over if one location goes offline, increasing your cloud infrastructure redundancy.

Localized Content Delivery - Anycast guarantees your traffic will be routed to the nearest geographic region, ensuring faster content delivery and a superior end user experience.

Simple Setup - Getting started on Vultr only requires 3 simple steps:
(1) Provide us with your ASN.
(2) Submit your IP Prefix and Letter of Authorization .
(3) Establish BGP sessions to our routers.