by Nicole Henderson on Wednesday, January 13 2016

Canonical announced on Wednesday that it has been selected by AT&T to provide the Ubuntu OS and engineering support for the company’s cloud, network and enterprise applications.

According to the announcement, AT&T selected Ubuntu based on its innovation and performance “as the leading platform for scale-out workloads and cloud.”

“By tapping into the latest technologies and open principles, AT&T’s network of the future will deliver what our customers want, when they want it,” Toby Ford, assistant VP of cloud technology, strategy and planning at AT&T said in a statement.“We’re reinventing how we scale by becoming simpler and modular, similar to how applications have evolved in cloud data centers. Open source and OpenStack innovations represent a unique opportunity to meet these requirements and Canonical’s cloud and open source expertise make them a good choice for AT&T.”

Along with selecting Ubuntu this week, AT&T signed a 5-year agreement with the FCC to provide a compliant IP solution to support mobile and cloud-based applications.

“This is important for Canonical. AT&T’s scalable and open future network utilizes the best of Canonical innovation,” John Zannos, Vice President Cloud Alliances and Business Development at Canonical said in a statement. “AT&T selecting us to support its effort in cloud, enterprise applications and the network provides the opportunity to innovate with AT&T around the next generation of the software-centric network and cloud solutions. Ubuntu is the Operating System of the Cloud and this relationship allows us to bring our engineering expertise around Ubuntu, cloud and open source to AT&T.”

Recently, AT&T sold its managed application and managed hosting services business to IBM.