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    [EN] Ciena Introduces Encryption at the Optical Layer

    January 20th, 2016 by Rob Powell

    With the world's growing awareness of the security of its data, or lack thereof, 2016 seems likely to see a lot of attention paid to new efforts to keep out prying eyes. Today, Ciena took a stab at the problem way down at the optical layer with a new encryption solution.

    Ciena has launched WaveLogic Encryption, aiming to make it pointless to tap into networks to spy on data en route. The heavy lifting is done by their WaveLogic 3 Extreme chipset, which can do the job regardless of the traffic protocol at higher layers at 100G with QPSK or 200G with 16QAM, and with 'virtually no added latency'.

    A few years ago I'd have said that intercepting traffic at such rates to pluck out useful information would be like tapping a fire hose in hopes of photographing a fish as it swims by now and then. But with the Snowden/NSA revelations that this sort of thing was actually being done to some major content providers, it is definitely a weak point.

    Ciena's encryption (and that of other vendors that will surely follow) may shore that up, returning the focus back toward the internet's nodes themselves. Of course, the back doors found in Juniper's router software demonstrate that those looking to listen in already know that is a soft spot still.

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    PR: Solution from Ciena Decreases Data Breach Risks Across Metro & Long-Haul Networks

    HANOVER, Md. — 01/20/2016
    In today’s web-scale world, where more and more applications reside in the cloud, businesses need the assurance that their data is secure not only at rest but also in-flight. An industry first and backed by Ciena’s (NYSE: CIEN) industry-leading coherent optics, the WaveLogic Encryption solution offers new optical-layer encryption capabilities to match high capacity infrastructure needs – from 10G to 100G, 200G and beyond, from metro to ultra-long haul distances – providing a simple-to-implement, always-on, data encryption solution.

    Key Facts:

    • A range of security solutions exist today to protect data at-rest. However, high volumes of critical data are continuously in-flight, traveling beyond the walls of the data center and across large networks. Additionally, an increasing number of government mandated regulations for data protection have made securing in-flight data a higher priority in networks. With Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption solution, data can now be secured as it leaves the private cloud and protected as it traverses across the network, across any distance, without sacrificing the end user experience.

    • Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption solution addresses all infrastructure needs and provides added network security for service providers and large enterprises, such as financial service firms, healthcare and government organizations. The solution is FIPS-certified and meets the highest security standards recognized globally in the industry. Powered by Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 Extreme chipset, the solution provides software programmable modulation to enable both 100G encryption with QPSK modulation and 200G encryption with 16QAM modulation – an industry first.

    • WaveLogic Encryption is simple to deploy and protocol agnostic, meaning it simultaneously encrypts any traffic type coming into the network, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, OTN, IP, SONET, and SDH. It encrypts the entire wavelength before the data leaves the building or data center, and transports it transparently with virtually no added latency, making efficient use of network resources and maintaining quality of end-customer experience.

    • Additionally, Ciena’s software-based MyCryptoTool features a dedicated management user portal that provides full control to the end enterprise user or security officer to manage all security parameters.

    • The solution will be generally available in the first calendar quarter of 2016.

    Executive Comments:

    • “High profile security breaches are commonplace in the news today. Service providers tell Heavy Reading repeatedly that security risks are the number one concern when they talk to their enterprise customers today. These concerns are only rising as more and more data moves to the cloud. And, while encryption inside the data center or enterprise campus is well established, service providers are now realizing that encryption of in-flight data is an important component of their holistic security strategy. By integrating security functions directly into its coherent chipsets, Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption provides protection from breaches for all high capacity links, something we believe will be well-received by both service providers and their end customers.”
      - Sterling Perrin, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading

    • “In the EU, as with the rest of the world, data security is high on the agenda. New regulations and legislation are coinciding with expanding bandwidth needs, making it vital that we support our customers with solutions that provide additional security measures by encrypting data in-flight. As Ciena’s encryption solution helps to ensure the best possible safeguards with no impact on service or latency we are already seeing take-up of these new capabilities, in fact we are currently deploying the 200G encryption solution for a customer in the Dutch finance sector.”
      - Geert Degezelle, Managing Director, Telindus

    • “We are proud to offer a world-class network experience to our customers. As part of that commitment, we are constantly exploring new ways to secure our network and protect our end customers’ data – not only at the application layer, but also at the network layer. Following our successful 200G Encryption network trial with Ericsson and Ciena, and with the ability to now implement WaveLogic Encryption, a FIPS-certified solution, across our network, customers can be assured they are receiving best-in-class connectivity and service.”
      - David Robertson, Director, Transport and Routing Engineering, Telstra

    • “Safeguarding critical data has become a major priority in today’s web-scale world. Previous infrastructure solutions have been cumbersome to manage and burdened by separate boxes, impacting throughput and latency. Our new WaveLogic Encryption solution is simple to deploy and provides a strong and effective defense with an additional level of protection to enable end-to-end security.”
      - Francois Locoh-Donou, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Ciena


    • On Tuesday, January 26 at 11 a.m. ET, Ciena will host a webinar, “Don’t Let Your Network Be a Security Leak.” The webinar will feature Sterling Perrin, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading with Ciena’s Patrick Scully, Director, Product Line Management and Paulina Gomez, Product and Technical Marketing. Click here to register.

    Supporting Resources:

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    100 and 200G WANs

    While Ciena could previously encrypt data in motion across a 10G network, faster ASIC processors mean Ciena can now provide that capability using optical networking equipment typically deployed by carriers.

    Mike Vizard | Posted 20 Jan, 2016

    While public policy surrounding encryption is still a topic of hot debate, the fact that more organizations want to be able to easily invoke it is not. To make that possible across data in motion on a wide area network, Ciena today added a WaveLogic Encryption capability to its optical networking gear that is now capable of being applied on both 100 and 200G WANs.

    While Ciena could previously encrypt data in motion across a 10G network, Helen Xenos, director of product and technology marketing for Ciena, says faster ASIC processors mean Ciena can now provide that capability using optical networking equipment typically deployed by carriers. Those carriers in turn can then make the keys available to encrypt that traffic to their enterprise customers, says Xenos.

    Xenos says the Ciena encryption technology is designed to automatically encrypt data the second it comes on to a Ciena network and then decrypt it once it exits that network. For carriers, Xenos says that means no process needs to be inserted in order to provide encrypted network services to their customers.

    As a result, Xenos says it’s now possible for carriers to provide encryption services that introduce only a minimal amount of latency across an optical transport, while at the same time eliminating all the manual processes typically associated with providing an encrypted service.

    Of course, carriers and their customers may still be subject to various encryption backdoor regulations that governments want to put in place. But regardless of the outcome of that debate, the fact remains that the simpler it becomes to encrypt data in motion and at rest, the more likely it is that organizations are going to use it to secure data that is now routinely targeted by everyone from petty criminals to nation states.

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