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    [EN] Massive US blizzard paralyses East Coast

    Supermarkets ran out of food amid a rush for supplies before the first snowflakes fell on Friday.

    More than 50 million people across more than a dozen states have been warned to stay at home as it moves north.

    The nation's capital, Washington, could lie under a record 30in (76cm) of snow by the time the storm passes on Sunday.

    At least nine people have been killed and a state of emergency declared in 10 states. Transport services have been cancelled, and homes are without power.

    The weather system affects a huge swathe of the country, from Arkansas in the south to Massachusetts in the north-east.

    In summary:

    • By early Saturday, more than 18 inches (45cm) of snow had fallen in parts of Kentucky and seven inches had fallen in Washington, the National Weather Service reported
    • More than 7,000 flights have been cancelled for Friday and Saturday
    • More than 100,000 homes lost power in North Carolina
    • Nine people have been killed in car crashes in North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee
    • In Virginia alone, state police had reported 989 car crashes by Friday evening
    • States of emergency have been declared in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia
    • Washington's transport system - the second busiest in the US - will close all weekend
    • Many events, including two sold-out concerts by singer Garth Brooks in Baltimore, have been postponed

    The US federal government closed down at noon on Friday as Washington's mayor, Muriel Bowser, warned this was a major storm with "life and death implications". President Obama is remaining at the White House.

    The National Weather Service (NWS) warned that the worst of the snow would fall in the Washington area from the early hours of Saturday to the early afternoon, with winds of more than 50mph (80kph).

    In a warning at 02:17 (07:17 GMT), the NWS tweeted that an "intense snow band" was moving through the area, "expect rapid accumulations and near-whiteout conditions".

    Residents in the capital and surrounding suburbs in Virginia and Maryland have been warned the snowfall could eclipse the district's record of 28in that fell during a two-day period in 1922.

    The BBC's Laura Bicker, in Washington DC, says it feels as though the city is in hiding - the streets are empty and restaurants, bars and supermarkets remain closed.

    Residents have been told to find a safe place and stay there until the storm has passed.

    Throughout the night, people were taking to Twitter to post updates on snow levels and pictures under the hashtag #Snowmaggedon2016.

    In Kentucky, the Red Cross erected shelters along Interstate 75 for the more than 3,000 people who became stranded after multiple crashes forced the closure of the highway.

    Kentucky State Police tweeted that officers were taking water, fuel and snacks to the motorists, some of whom had been stuck for more than 12 hours.

    Local TV reporter Caitlin Centner was one of those stranded. She told her station WKYT-TV: "Every time it looks like there's light at the end of the tunnel, more accidents and slide-offs are occurring."

    In Baltimore, teams of mental health specialists were working to bring some of the estimated 3,000 homeless people to shelter, the New York Times reported.

    Supermarket shelves in many areas were bare. In Baltimore, shopper Sharon Brewington remembered how she and her daughter were left with just noodles and water when the last big snowstorm struck in 2010.

    "I'm not going to make that mistake again," she said.

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    US snowstorm - latest updates

    Key Points

    • More than 20 states are affected - some 85 million people
    • Thousands of drivers were left in a 35-mile (56km) traffic jam in Kentucky
    • Emergencies were declared in 10 states, and at least nine people have died
    • Parts of West Virginia are blanketed under 28in (71cm) of snow
    • Washington's mayor told people to stay at home


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    NYC: All matinee and evening Broadway shows on Saturday have been cancelled.

    Flooding, not snow, in southern New Jersey
    Waves of 22ft (7m) and a storm surge of two to three feet were reported on Saturday morning.

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    Blizzard intensifies as it slams New York, floods New Jersey

    Barbara Goldberg and Idrees Ali
    Sat Jan 23, 2016

    A monster blizzard that has paralyzed the U.S. East Coast intensified on Saturday afternoon as it barreled into New York City, prompting a travel ban on area highways as high winds whipped up record-setting tides in New Jersey and Delaware.

    After dumping nearly two feet of snow on the suburbs of Washington, D.C., overnight, the storm unexpectedly gathered strength as it slammed into the New York metropolitan area, and forecasters bumped up snowfall predictions to up to 30 inches (76 cm) by Sunday.

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a ban on all travel on New York City area roads, including on Long Island, except for emergency vehicles, as of 2:30 p.m. (1930 GMT). All bridges and tunnels into the city will also close, he said.

    Subways running above ground and trains operated by the Long Island Railroad and Metro North will stop service at 4 p.m. because snow falling at a rate of 3 inches per hour proved too much for plows on roads and railways, Cuomo said.

    Broadway theaters canceled matinee and evening performances at the urging of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who warned that the storm may rank among the top five blizzards ever to hit the nation's largest city.

    "We're loving it. We definitely want to come back," said Michelle Jones, 46, a mortgage company controller who had tickets to see "The Phantom of Opera" with her daughter.

    "We love the snow because we don't get this in Atlanta," she said, about an hour before the Broadway shutdown was announced.

    Heavy snow bands were moving across Long Island, New York City and northeast New Jersey, with wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour (80 kph), the National Weather Service said.

    New York City buses operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority were suspended at noon. New Jersey Transit, earlier on Saturday, suspended all bus, rail and light rail service. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority took the rare step of suspending operations through Sunday.

    More than 4,300 U.S. flights were canceled, including virtually all travel into New York City airports, according to the FlightAware.com tracking website and transportation officials.

    Cuomo declared a state of emergency in New York on Saturday, becoming the 11th state to take the step.

    "Our message, and we need the public to listen, is to stay home and to stay off the streets. That includes people who are attempting to drive, but it also includes people who are walking," said Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser.

    However, some residents said they just could not resist seeing famous monuments frosted with snow.

    "We haven't made snow angels yet, but we're looking forward to doing that in front of the White House," said Robert Bella Hernandez, 38. "We're just going to walk around, see some snow covered D.C. landmarks. And then when it's unsafe, maybe go back in for a minute."


    High winds battered the entire region, reaching 70 mph in Wallops Island, Virginia, late on Friday, and whipping up the tides, said meteorologist Greg Gallina of the National Weather Service.

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    Blizzard Forces Travel Ban In NYC; Roads, Metro-North, LIRR And Subways Impacted

    Beginning at 2:30 p.m. all New York City roads as well as all Port Authority bridges and tunnels were shut down to non-emergency motorists.

    January 23, 2016 3:29 PM

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced a travel ban for New York City due to the intensifying blizzard that is slamming the Tri-State area Saturday.

    Beginning at 2:30 p.m. all New York City roads as well as all Port Authority bridges and tunnels were shut down to non-emergency motorists.

    Those who are caught on a banned road will receive a summons with the possibility of points on their license and a fine, Cuomo said.

    “So far we’ve had over 300 tows and over 200 accidents in the city, so as of 2:30 you are committing a violation of the administrative code and are subject to arrest,” said NYPD Chief of Department James O’Neill.

    Additionally, LIRR and Metro-North will suspend service beginning at 4 p.m. The MTA will also suspend service on all above ground subways beginning at 4 p.m.

    MTA bus service was suspended beginning at noon on Saturday due to the deteriorating conditions. It remains unclear when bus service would resume.

    “New Yorkers should head home now. We need cars off the road so that our equipment can do its work and keep streets passable for emergency vehicles. Travel conditions are dangerous, and we want to keep all New Yorkers safe until this storm passes. This travel ban is mandatory as of 2:30 PM today,” said de Blasio. “This is a very big deal.”

    A blizzard warning is in effect until 7 a.m. on Sunday for New York City, Long Island, most of New Jersey as well as parts of Westchester County and coastal Connecticut.

    The storm was officially declared a blizzard just before 9 a.m. Saturday after three hours of sustained winds and less than a quarter-mile of visibility.

    Cuomo declared a state of emergency for New York Saturday morning.

    “There is no reason to be on the roads today unless it is a real emergency,” Cuomo told CBS2. “I don’t care how tough we are as New Yorkers, I don’t care how big the four-wheel drive vehicle, the roads are really dangerous and it’s only going to get worse.”

    In the midst of the blizzard, Cuomo also personally assisted a stranded driver on the Cross Island Parkway on Long Island.

    While earlier anticipated snow totals called for 12 to 18 inches for New York City, new numbers issued at 2 a.m. prompted CBS2’s Lonnie Quinn to raise the likely snow totals to 18 to 24 inches.

    New York City, most of Long Island and northern New Jersey will see as much as 18 to 24 inches of snow by Sunday morning, the CBS2 Weather Center predicted.

    De Blasio said in a “worst case scenario” the city could see as much as 25 to 30 inches of snow.

    Snow fell fast and heavy across the region throughout the day, and some areas, including Central Park, saw accumulations of well over 11 inches by the midday hours.

    As CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock reported, winds are expected to gust up to 40 to 50 miles per hour at times.

    PHOTOS: Blizzard 2016 Hits Tri-State Area

    De Blasio issued a Winter Weather Emergency Declaration effective from 8 a.m. through midnight.

    The mayor said the storm could drop as much as 1 to 3 inches of snow per hour until as late as 9 or 10 p.m. He said with those predictions, it is very likely this storm will land in the top five biggest snowstorms in the recorded history for New York City.

    “That says that people have to take very seriously what’s going on here and recognize there’s a lot of danger and a lot of disruption that’s going to occur because of this storm,” de Blasio said.

    As for parents, De Blasio had this warning: “I understand fully kids clamoring for fun in the snow, but my best advice is don’t go out or go out very briefly and keep a very close eye on your kids. There will be time for fun in the snow tomorrow and going forward but right now this is a fast-moving, intensifying storm and it should be treated with that respect.”

    By 2 a.m., sanitation officials said more than 2,300 pieces of snow-fighting equipment were already out in the five boroughs to salt and plow.

    The NYPD warned drivers to stay away from the Whitestone Expressway at the intersection of Linden Place due to sever flooding.

    Alternate side parking has been canceled for Saturday as well as Monday to help with snow removal, de Blasio said.

    The violent storm and travel ban forced the cancellation of all Broadway shows, both matinees and evening performances, on Saturday.

    Charlotte St. Martin, president of The Broadway League, which represents producers, said normal operations are expected to resume for Sunday matinees.

    The last time Broadway took a big weather hit was Superstorm Sandy in 2012. It darkened Broadway for four days and cost more than $8.5 million in lost revenue.

    A Rita Moreno concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center was also canceled.

    The storm didn’t stop the inaugural three-day BroadwayCon, sort of like a Comic Con for thespians, at a Midtown hotel.

    As 10101 WINS’ Lee Harris reported, the storm hasn’t stopped many New Yorkers in Manhattan from going in to work, including Patrick who was working a snowblower on the sidewalk outside of an apartment building near Columbus Circle.

    “Hour of work, hour of no work, hour of work, hour of no work — and there’s really no signs of when it’s going to stop,” he said.

    And until it does and that sidewalk is clear, Patrick said he will be there.

    Meanwhile, in the Bronx cars have been taking slow with a lot of drivers pulling off the road to clearing off their windshields, 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern reported.

    “My windows keep fogging up, so I’m trying to defrost them right now because I’m stopping every 10 minutes to clean it,” said one motorist.

    “The FDR was pretty much horrible and it got a little better when we got up to the Deegan, but it’s still not that good,” another motorist said.

    But as of 2:30 p.m. those motorists and everyone else who is not emergency personnel should be off the roads as per Gov. Cuomo’s travel ban.
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    Supostamente Walmart Supercenter Germantown (Tennessee)

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    Estados americanos declaram emergência por nevasca

    Tempestade, que chegou primeiro a Washington, atingiu toda costa leste.
    Vários estados do sul do país também foram afetados.

    23/01/2016 19h24

    Ao menos 11 estados declararam estado de emergência devido à tempestade de neve que afeta principalmente a costa leste dos Estados Unidos, segundo a agência Reuters. A nevasca chegou primeiro à região de Washington D.C. neste sábado (22), atingindo depois a Filadélfia e Nova York.

    A tempestade, que deve durar cerca de 36 horas, deve afetar a vida de quase 85 milhões de americanos, 25% da população do país, e pode provocar prejuízos de mais de um bilhão de dólares, segundo o Serviço de Meteorologia Nacional (NWS, na sigla em inglês). A nevasca levou à paralisação de estradas, trens e o cancelamento de milhares de voos e pode deixar um acúmulo de 30 a 70 cm de neve, com ventos de até 100 km/h.

    A nevasca também afetou vários estados do sul do país como Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Carolina do Norte, Virginia Ocidental e Virginia. Essas regiões também foram atingidas por chuvas de granizo, incomuns na área, situação que deixou as residências de pelo menos 130 mil pessoas sem energia elétrica.

    No Kentucky, centenas de caminhões e outros veículos permaneceram retidos durante a madrugada nas avenidas escorregadias, cobertas de neve e gelo. Em Nashville, no estado do Tennessee, alguns motoristas ficaram presos nas estradas por causa da neve e a polícia local reportou 12 acidentes com feridos.

    De acordo com a Associated Press, ao menos 9 pessoas morreram em acidentes de trânsito em estradas por causa da nevasca. As mortes foram ocasionadas por acidentes de trânsito causados pelo temporal em Carolina do Norte (5 mortes), Tennessee (2), Kentucky (1) e Virgínia (1) entre a quarta-feira e a madrugada de sexta-feira, informaram os departamentos de polícia desses estados.

    Voos cancelados

    Mais de 7.500 voos foram cancelados entre sexta-feira e sábado nos Estados Unidos, de acordo com o site de monitoramento de voos Flight Aware. Até o momento pelo menos 14 voos com partida ou destino ao Brasil foram afetados.

    Nesta sexta, foram cancelados dois voos da United Airlines que sairiam do Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos, em São Paulo, com destino a Nova York. Além disso, um voo da United que chegaria às 10h40 vindo de Washington foi cancelado e um da American Airlines que sairia às 23h10 da sexta decolou apenas na manhã deste sábado.

    Também foram cancelados um voo da American Airlines e outro da TAM saindo do Aeroporto Internacional do Galeão, no Rio de Janeiro, para Nova York.
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    Eu vi um video de carros tentando subir uma rua pouco inclinada, eles não conseguiam subir, e voltavam arrebentando com tudo heheheh

    Deve ser complicado morar lá nesse período...aquele congestionamento que o povo ficou trocentas horas no carro deve ser tenso também.
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    Hong Kong Polarpocalypse

    Venus Wu ‏@wu_venus 52 minutes ago

    Crowds in HK flock to tallest hill in hopes of seeing snow... but in the end 85 get injured and hundreds of firemen hike to the rescue

    Neve Zero

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    Smile Fire Dept urges ‘frost tourists’ to stay home after 85 rescued from HK’s highest peak

    141 firefighters, 26 ambulances and helicopter services had been dispatched.

    24 January 2016 16:36
    Tom Grundy

    Temperatures in Hong Kong dipped below freezing point on Sunday as the Fire Department responded to 130 distress calls from members of the public on Kowloon Peak. By 1pm on Sunday, firefighters had also rescued 85 people from Tai Mo Shan, the territory’s highest peak – most of whom were suffering from hypothermia.

    Of those rescued, 43 were sent to Princess Margaret Hospital, Yan Chai Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital. One is in critical condition.

    The Fire Department said that the rescue mission was challenging due to the altitude, freezing conditions and numbers stranded. “The main roads frozen and our rescue vehicles cannot be driven to the scene. Our colleagues had to walk 2-3 kms on slippery roads, withstanding dangerous situations to rescue them,” Acting Division Commander (New Territories South) Wong Ka-wing said. “Please do not go up to the mountains anymore.”

    Wong said that 141 firefighters, 26 ambulances and helicopter services had been dispatched.

    The Professional Teachers’ Union and Democratic Party have urged the Education Bureau to suspend classes for kindergartens, primary schools and special needs schools on Monday.

    Temperatures hit minus 0.8 degrees Celsius in Pokfulam on Sunday afternoon according to the Observatory website.

    The government opened 16 temporary shelters for people in need of refuge from the cold as soft hail pellets were recorded in the New Territories.

    The treacherous conditions played havoc with this weekend’s Hong Kong 100 Ultra Marathon, with dozens of runners stranded on Tai Mo Shan. Post-race drinks were cancelled as rescue efforts continued on Sunday.

    As firefighters fought the frost with water jets.

    Tempestade em copo d'água

    According to the Observatory: “The northerly winds associated with the intense cold surge will continue to affect Hong Kong. It will remain very cold tomorrow [Monday]. Temperatures in the urban area will be in the region of 4 degrees while those in the northern part of the New Territories will be close to zero degrees.”

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