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    [EN] The Future of Cybersecurity Is Being Written in the Israeli Desert

    Hunter Stuart | Motherboard
    February 1, 2016

    In its ambition to be the cybersecurity capital of the world, Israel is busy building a vast military-industrial security megacomplex in the working class city of Beersheba, improbably located in the southern Israeli desert.


    On the military side, the Israeli Defense Forces is building a new base of operations for its cybersecurity division, devoted to information technology and cyber warfare, on a now-empty plot on Beersheba’s northern fringe. A mile into the desert, the Ministry of Defense is also building a 1,200-acre (5 milhões m2) base to house the country’s secretive intelligence headquarters.


    Together, the army and spy bases will accommodate about 20,000 high-tech cyber soldiers, whose jobs will include defending Israel from hacks by terrorists or thieves abroad, and also carrying out occasional offensive operations.


    Next door, the corporate side of Israel’s gigantic security project is an office park known as “Cyberspark.” With its polished, modern buildings and manicured walkways, the campus looks a little like Silicon Valley, but much smaller. The 20-acre (80 mil m2) development will eventually host 15-20 high-rise buildings, designed to accommodate tech companies from all over the world, as well as a smattering of young Israeli cyber startups.

    Beersheba's new tech park

    Two of the glassy corporate structures were already complete when I visited, and stood shimmering in the winter sun. The offices are home to about 30 companies, like IBM, EMC, Cisco, PayPal, Deutsche Telekom and Lockheed Martin.


    The Israeli government offers companies seven years’ worth of financial benefits to set up shop here. The grants are made in proportion to employees’ salaries, and from Israel’s point of view, it makes sense to be snatching up these skilled workers as soon as possible.


    One of these startups, Secret Double Octopus—yes, that’s its real name—says it’s come up with a new way to protect our most private information as it zips through the web.



    “Basically, it uses a set of algorithms that are completely unbreakable, even if hackers have unlimited time and unlimited computing power,” says Amit Rahav, the company’s VP of marketing. “Think of it like a mathematical equation with two unknown variables. Nobody will be able to solve it, even if they create the supercomputer of the future. Because there’s just not enough information.”


    Just down the hall from Secret Double Octopus is another startup breaking the mold in the cyber defense world. The company, SCADAfence, aims to prevent cyberattacks on industrial facilities ...

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