Bell Canada, IBM bring hybrid cloud services to Canada-based businesses

February 9, 2016 | By Sean Buckley

Bell Canada and IBM have teamed up to provide hybrid cloud services to Canadian businesses by making services available through Bell Business Cloud.

Businesses across Canada will have access to the IBM Cloud via a secure, high-speed private connection from Bell, which it says will simplify the way customers adopt and build out their hybrid clouds.

Bell's new service recognizes that businesses don't want to send data over the public Internet, but wants access to a broad range of services.

Bell's Business Cloud hopes to address this problem by allowing business customers to plug into the IBM Cloud, giving them direct access to a wide range of on-demand computing and storage options.

Business customers will be able to choose from three main services: Bell Cloud Connect provides IP connectivity to IBM's cloud; Bell Cloud Compute carries managed virtual machines that run on the IBM cloud; and Backup and Restore protects customer data and applications through a secure backup location as well as ensuring availability of data and applications.

Partnering with IBM makes sense for Bell Canada as it looks to build momentum in the hybrid cloud services space.

Similar to moves made by AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ), Bell Canada partnership approach to cloud by working with third-party cloud providers like IBM will enable it to immediately scale its business. It will be able to give its customers access to the company's portfolio of cloud services, which are delivered out 40 data centers in every major financial market.

IBM's services and others it may partner with complement Bell Canada's set of data center solutions, unified communications, security and professional services.

Bell's Business Cloud in partnership with IBM is available across Canada to all mid and large businesses.