The logistics giant is currently operating without a chief information officer after John Ansley departed the organistion earlier this year.

Allie Coyne
Feb 12 2016

Logistics giant Toll has put a stop to its rollout of Google for Work to 40,000 workers and is also replanning its SAP finance transformation.

This time last year Toll revealed it was planning to replace 20,000 Microsoft Office accounts by shifting the business to Gmail accounts and Google productivity apps.

It was intended to allow workers in warehouses and transports hubs to access an email account where they previously had not been able to.

The deployment was to take a staggered approach rather than a big-bang replacement, swapping end of life devices with Chrome laptops.

But iTnews can reveal the project was cancelled last month after a pilot of the solution with hundreds of workers provided only neutral results.

Sources told iTnews the offering did not provide bang for buck and Toll determined there was not significant benefit to move forward with the project.

The logistics firm still intends to transition to cloud services, according to sources, but in a more evolutionary way.