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    [EN] Survey: Mobile experience falling short

    According to one new survey a growing number of consumers are finding their mobile experience is not living up to their expectations. Just how important is 'experience'? Very, find the researchers. Most consumers (93%) report they 'take action' when a mobile experience isn't up to par, and of those one-third (33%) say they choose 'to never purchase' from that brand again.

    Kristina Knight
    February 23, 2016

    If you think experience is just a 'nice to have' option, think again. According to one new report the customer experience can lead to sales or to shoppers every crossing the threshold again. Sitecore recently polled more than 4,000 consumers in 11 countries and found that when shoppers have a good mobile experience they are more likely to build brand loyalty (76%), and when they have a bad experience, they're likely to never shop with that retailer again (33%).

    "The number of customers consuming content on their mobile devices has grown 41 percent compared to just one percent on the desktop," said Scott Anderson, CMO, Sitecore. "The Vanson Bourne research reveals vast unmet consumer expectations and a very real need, in terms of loyalty and sales, for businesses to close the gap between consumer expectations and what brands deliver today."

    Other interesting findings from the report include:

    • 6 in 10 say their mobile experiences 'are not fully met'
    • 24% say they 'are fully satisfied' with their mobile shopping experience
    • 23% say 'there is continuity' between mobile and online experiences
    • 66% believe their customer expectations will change over the next 3 years
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