Dear Client,

Please be informed that we have experienced serious network issues in our data center in São Paulo, Brazil. A number of our customers have experienced approximately 5 hours of downtime on Thursday, 4th August, starting from 16:00 to 21:00 UTC. It is difficult to isolate exactly which customers had to experience this issue, therefore we would like to clarify the exact reasons and outcomes of this issue to all of our customers in São Paulo, Brazil.

Our data center in São Paulo endured a network outage that was caused by traffic bursts that are more frequent in the region at this time. The main reason of increased traffic is higher network loads due to Rio Olympics. Please note that only a portion of customers were affected by network outage. Unfortunately those affected were connected via our global internet link through Equinix ISP. Others who are connected via local routing exchange trough PTT ISP have not endured any network interruptions and all services remained online during the given period.

Immediately after this unfortunate event we had our whole NOC team in Europe working together with our network engineers in Brazil to resolve this matter. We took some extra time and measures to make sure there was absolutely no risk of data loss.

Even though all services were restored by 21:00 UTC, there were still some customers with connectivity problems during the following few hours. All issues have been resolved.

Please be aware that during the events in Brazil minor network interruptions may occur due to high network load. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused and we are doing everything to reduce the negative impact on our customers. If you are still affected by network interruptions or you have any questions reharding this matter, please contact us at