Organizations with the Most Open Source Contributors (source: GitHub)

By David Ramel

Coming full circle from a proprietary pariah to community champion, Microsoft has been identified as the single organization with the most open source contributors.

The Redmond software giant edged out Facebook for that distinction in new data published by GitHub Inc. in its annual The State of the Octoverse report. Published during the company's GitHub Universe conference, the 2016 report provides stats gleaned from the vast open source code repository, such as most active projects, most popular programming languages and top contributing organizations.

Microsoft topped the latter category amid a 180-degree turnaround that has seen it open source proprietary technology ranging from the Visual Studio Code editor to the .NET Core.

With 16,419 contributors listed by GitHub, Microsoft beat out No. 2 Facebook by 737 developers. They were followed by Docker, Angular and Google rounding out the top five.

GitHub also took the opportunity to highlight the growth of its robust code repository.

"Our community has grown to more than 16 million people strong, hacking on things like Free Code Camp, an open source curriculum that helps nonprofits; and Batavia, an implementation of the Python virtual machine," the company said in a blog post yesterday.

"We want to welcome the more than 5.2 million new developers who joined our community in the last year and applaud the more than 800,000 of you for creating your first pull request," the company continued. "Many of you have joined us from all over the world -- we saw explosive international growth from China, Indonesia, India, Russia, Brazil and Japan."