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    DigitalOcean: Dancing With The Big Boys

    "Os números não mentem, mas quem os edita ..." (© Arr)

    PR: DigitalOcean Releases New High Memory Droplets to Support Large-Scale Databases

    Marketwired - Sep 13, 2016 - DigitalOcean, the cloud for developers, today released High Memory Droplets (cloud servers) to continue to support more advanced workloads and applications at scale.

    While DigitalOcean's standard Droplets make it easy for developers to deploy a healthy balance of RAM, CPU and local SSD-based storage, High Memory Droplets enable developers and businesses with specific use cases, typically running large-scale databases or distributed in-memory caches that require more RAM such as MongoDB, Cassandra, and Redis.

    The company's focus on ensuring developers and businesses can seamlessly launch, scale, and manage any size production application.

    "The next generation of applications need high memory to be intensely high performance, predictive and provide an exceptional user experience," said Yiftach Shoolman, Co-Founder and CTO of Redis Labs. "In-memory, data structure platforms such as Redis can then take advantage of the available DRAM to meet a diverse set of processing and analytical needs, with the simplest possible developer experience."

    "We are constantly evaluating the service options we provide our customers to ensure they are getting the most value from DigitalOcean," said Julia Austin, CTO of DigitalOcean. "By offering High Memory Droplets, developers now have an optimal solution for larger, high-performance databases that demand aggressive memory caching for data file management. High Memory Droplets also allow for scaling up vertically versus horizontally."

    [Before DO, Austin had stints at VMware (as VP of Innovation) and Akamai (VP of Engineering); most recently was a faculty member at Harvard Business School’s Entrepreneurial Management Unit where she taught product management.]

    DigitalOcean is launching five new High Memory Droplets plans that start at $120 per month or $0.18 per hour and scale from 16GB to 224GB of RAM while maintaining an appropriate amount of local storage and CPU. The per-gigabyte cost of RAM is 25% less than DigitalOcean's standard Droplet plans.

    High Memory Droplets are the first optimized Droplet type that DigitalOcean has released.

    BTW DO has raised $120 million in four funding rounds and took on a debt financing round worth $130 million this April.

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    Meus R$ 0,02 ...

    Os tais US$ 120 milhões foram levantados através da Andreesen Horowitz (a16z para os intimos). Ocorre que Ben Horowitz escreveu um livro chamado "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" advogando que executivos de empresas devem ser substituidos conforme a empresa vai crescendo por profissionais com experiência correspondente ao nivel atingido. Essa é uma das "hard things" do livro e inclui afastar os próprios fundadores da empresa (caso da Cisco) ou de fiéis e dedicados amigões do fundador no tempo das vacas magras (caso da Amazon). Daí, chama a atenção a CTO da DO, Julia Austin, com 4 meses de casa, que substituiu James Cariello (ex-Google); um novo CFO, Brian Cohen (25 anos de experiência); e a contratação de um "VP of People", Matt Hoffman, para cuidar dos "300 talentos", dado que Ben Uretsky, CEO e fundador, atribuia o sucesso da DO à ele cuidar dessa área. Nada demais para uma empresa que já torrou 1/4 de bilhão de dólares mas ... a DO que muita gente conheceu não existe mais.

    "Julia Austin takes the CTO role at DigitalOcean after spending the last few years as an advisor and investor to early stage companies, and as a faculty member of Harvard Business School’s Entrepreneurial Management Unit where she teaches Product Management. She was previously with VMware for eight years, where she managed the expansion of the engineering organization; from launching their first non-CA-based engineering site in Cambridge, MA, to leading all of VMware’s Global R&D initiatives and eventually serving as Vice President of Innovation at VMware. Prior to VMware, Julia was the VP of Engineering at Akamai. She has successfully led large organizations in technical positions, partnered with entrepreneurs to help start and scale technology companies, and serves as a board member, advisor and angel investor who provides leadership coaching with a focus on engineering, process, staffing and functional operations."

    Ex-CTO "Apr. 8, 2015 - It's the potential opportunity that brought new DigitalOcean CTO James Cariello over from Google to DigitalOcean. At Google, he was a technical manager responsible for completely changing the way Google's cloud platform dealt with messaging — a system that sounds boring, but let Google's cloud get bigger and badder during his 5-year stint there."

    Dá para comparar os dois acima?

    "Brian Cohen has more than 25 years experience as a CFO for both public and private companies. He has helped build rapidly growing software, mobile advertising, security, networking, and hardware technology companies with significant experience in international operations, venture capital financing, and mergers and acquisitions. As the company continues its trajectory, he plays a crucial role in managing DigitalOcean's explosive growth. His career started with PricewaterhouseCoopers, during which time he earned his CPA certification. His responsibilities included financial operations, business planning, real estate and facilities, IT, people operations, legal, risk management, operations, and investor relations."

    "Matt Hoffman [VP of People] is responsible for leadership in the practice areas of talent acquisition, talent development, people operations, and employee experience. Prior to DigitalOcean, he was the Senior Director of People Operations at Return Path, a global leader in email solutions and that was named the #2 Best Place to Work in the US by Fortune Magazine. He has also held a number of HR and people leadership roles at several Fortune 500 companies."

    "Emmanuelle Skala (VP of Sales and Customer Success) is responsible for customer acquisition and growth. Prior to DigitalOcean, she led sales at Influitive where she scaled the business tenfold in 2 years. She also served as the VP of Global Channel Sales at Sophos, where she won the CRN Channel Chief award for two years in a row. She is also a recipient of CRN's Top 100 Women in the Channel. She was the first hired salesperson at two B2B software startups, Endeca and Vertica, and she saw both through rapid growth and successful acquisitions by Oracle and HP respectively."

    Se a música parar, nãi vai ter cadeira para Emmanuelle sentar.

    2. Poderia-se perguntar quem seria maluco de pagar os precinhos camaradas da nova linha da DO.


    "DO has received significant media coverage following pop megastar Beyonce’s decision to host her album on their servers in 2013."

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