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    [EN] OVH promete investir €1,5 bilhões em 5 anos

    O parcelão real que caberá aos contribuintes nos 5 bilhões virtuais não foi revelado

    Investment will support OVH in capitalising on the rapidly growing demand for cloud infrastructure

    October 07, 2016

    ROUBAIX, France & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OVH, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure, telecommunications and web hosting services, today finalised a partnership with KKR and TowerBrook Capital Partners (TowerBrook), two leading global investment firms, to further its global expansion. KKR and TowerBrook will acquire a minority stake in OVH for €250 million of growth capital that will allow OVH to take advantage of the rapidly expanding market for cloud and internet infrastructure services, while also broadening its customer base and services in new geographies. The Klaba family will retain the majority stake in the company and will continue, together with OVH management, to lead the company, its strategy and operations.

    The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) markets are expected to continue to grow rapidly, driven in large part by the exploding demand for cloud services. With its hybrid cloud product portfolio, including both private and public cloud infrastructure and strict data protection policies in line with European standards, OVH is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this growth. This is supported by its reputation for excellent performance, innovation and strong customer service.

    Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, OVH has grown rapidly to become the leading provider of dedicated cloud infrastructure in Europe with a total of 250,000 servers across 17 data centres in France and Canada. The company provides services to a million customers globally, and itboasts a long track record of technological innovation driven by a team of 400 dedicated research & development engineers. OVH’s turnover for FY 2016 stands at €320 million.

    KKR has an extensive track record of partnering with entrepreneurs and family-owned companies in Europe to deliver growth, international expansion, and value creation as well as expertise in supporting fast-growing European technology companies in developing their global presence. This includes the recent investments in Webhelp, Fotolia, SoftwareONE and Darktrace.

    TowerBrook's extensive transatlantic network enables it to successfully partner with entrepreneurial businesses to open up new opportunities and create market-leading companies. This partnership approach fits well with founder-led businesses and has delivered real value to French companies as diverse as Infopro, Autodistribution and Kaporal.

    Octave Klaba, Founder, Chairman and CTO of OVH, said: “KKR and TowerBrook are the perfect partners for OVH as we look to take the next step in our development into a truly global technology company. With their support, we are looking forward to scaling our company into new markets, while remaining completely committed to delivering excellence in security, service and innovation that our current customers expect.”

    Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH, said: “This capital increase will allow us to invest €1.5 billion over 5 years. The aim is to provide ourselves with the means to consolidate our leading position in Europe and become a key global player in the cloud market. OVH already has strong assets (one of the largest server farms worldwide, 17 datacenters, record energy efficiency indicators…), as well as an ambitious development plan for the next five years. Besides capital, TowerBrook and KKR will bring substantial operational expertise. Both firms have a successful track record in supporting entrepreneurs to grow their business to the next level.”

    Jean-Pierre Saad, Director at KKR EMEA said: “Over the past 17 years, the Klaba family has built OVH into a true European technology champion. We are excited to be supporting the company in the next phase of its global expansion, particularly in the US market and Asia and look forward to continuing our strong track record of partnerships with successful European entrepreneurs.”

    Karim Saddi, Managing Director at TowerBrook, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the Klaba family who have great ambitions for the further expansion of their successful business. We believe our expertise in France together with our transatlantic network will enable them to achieve their goals. We very much look forward to working with them to deliver even greater success.”

    BNP Paribas Corporate Finance acted as financial advisor to OVH and Linklaters LLP as its legal advisor

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    Todo ano a OVH anuncia a renovação da mesma linha de crédito rotativo que mantém com um punhado de bancos europeus como capital para conquistar o universo.

    Curiosamente, 1,5€ bilhoes = 5 x 300€ milhões

    OVH raises €267 million to take on the US cloud giants
    Dec 10, 2014

    OVH, France’s and Europe’s biggest cloud success, has raised €267 million from a bond issue and bank credit with one principal go toe-to-toe with the US cloud giants.

    During their recent annual conference this past October, OVH’s leadership made no secret their ambitious agenda to quickly expand abroad and move closer to the top of the global cloud leader list. They already have 17 datacenters, including one in Canada to cover North America. However, they’re looking to expand their footprint by establishing a new site in the west of the US (Vancouver or Oregon are possibilities) and in Singapore to address opportunities in Asia. Reinforcing their position in Europe continues to be in the cards where the will further support the 17 countries they already cover with a new datacenter set to open in Germany in the next 2 yrs.

    Although OVH knows that moving up the cloud leader ranks will not be easy, Amazon for example is “only” 12x larger than them in terms of number of servers, they’re encouraged by their #3 global position in terms of number of hosted apps, the fact that they’re approaching IBM in terms of number of servers, and they’re projected €230 million in revenues expected for this year.

    OVH Raises $327M to Build More Data Centers Globally
    Data Center Knowledge-Dec 10, 2014

    French hosting provider OVH has raised $327 million to expand data centers internationally. The money is from a new syndicated loan and private bond.

    Institutions taking part in the syndicated loan provided a $196 million revolving credit facility, maturing in six years, while Euro PP bond investors committed $131 million over six, seven, and eight years.

    OVH Raises $181 Million to Build Data Centers in U.S.
    Data Center Knowledge-March 18, 2013

    European hosting giant OVH has lined up $181 million to build new data centers in the U.S., as it continues to expand its business into the North American market. The French company is known for hyper-growth and an innovative approach to infrastructure design, building custom servers, containers and data centers shaped like giant cubes.

    OVH said the credit line was the largest ever arranged for a European hosting firm. It was arranged with a group of 10 banks, who said OVH’s steady growth convinced the banks to support the expansion phase. The company was founded by Octave Klaba in 1999, and operates more than 140,000 dedicated servers in 11 data centers.

    $190 million for a two-year investment

    On Friday, May 31st, invited all the banks that participated in the first syndicated loan requested by the group. During this closing lunch, the hosting provider wanted to thank its banking partners for their trust and willingness to support its development. This occasion allows us to review the details of this financing campaign with Nicolas Boyer, CFO at, who initiated the project.

    Why choose a syndicated loan?

    Historically, to support our investments, we would go with bilateral debts, which mean we had independent financing agreements with each of our banking partners. There were about ten of them already, and we would meet with them, one by one, to negotiate financing agreements case by case. Seeing the stakes and necessary funds grow with’s development today, it was essential to rationalize our banking chart and have homogeneous financial conditions.

    The idea behind a syndicated loan is this: we work with 2 or 3 banks, called the “arranging banks”, on a debt framework contract, in which we negotiate all the conditions (guarantees, transfer of funds, credit costs, commitment of each party, etc.) Generally, two or three months are necessary for this negotiation. Once an agreement is made, the company and the arranging banks present this debt to a group of banks.

    We therefore sought out about fifteen banks, to which we presented to the group how we wanted to raise the debt, and we gave them 15 days to show interest. In the end, we kept a pool of 10 banks, for $140,000,000, even though the total subscription of the sought-after banks was higher.

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    Na California, OVH disputa terrenos com plantadores de maconha

    Le spécialiste français du cloud veut accélérer son expansion, après avoir finalisé une levée de 250 millions d’euros la semaine dernière.

    Le roubaisien OVH accélère à l’international

    Sebastien Dumoulin

    Les fermes de serveurs du français OVH sortent de terre, comme des champignons après la pluie. A ses 17 data centers existants, en France et au Canada, le groupe a ajouté mardi, à l'occasion de son événement annuel OVH Summit, trois nouvelles installations immédiatement disponibles pour son million d'entreprises clientes : en Australie, en Pologne et à Singapour. Le prochain ouvrira avant la fin de l'année sur la côte Est des Etats-Unis.

    « C'est le gouverneur de Virginie qui est s'est déplacé à Roubaix Valley, pour nous demander de venir », s'est félicité Octave Klaba, le fondateur de la société, suscitant des rires parmi les 2.000 personnes présentes. Un autre data center sur la côte Ouest devrait suivre début 2017, même si le lieu n'est pas encore arrêté. « Nous avons un concurrent improbable, les producteurs de marijuana. C'est la première fois de ma vie », a expliqué Octave Klaba, suscitant de nouveaux rires. La culture de cette plante, légale dans cet état, nécessite en effet de grands espaces bien connectés au réseau électrique... exactement comme les data centers.

    Suivront l'Allemagne et l'Angleterre d'ici avril, puis l'Espagne et l'Italie en juin, et enfin les Pays-Bas fin 2017. D'autres géographies seront annoncées l'an prochain, selon la direction, qui dit investir 1,5 milliard d'euros sur les quatre à cinq ans à venir. C'est pour permettre cette accélération que l'entreprise familiale a, pour la première fois, ouvert son capital à deux fonds d'investissement (KKR et Towerbrook). La levée de fonds de 250 millions d'euros a été finalisée quelques jours avant OVH Summit.

    échapper au Patriot Act

    Le marché des infrastructures informatiques à la demande est en pleine explosion et ses champions américains - Amazon, Microsoft et Google - mettent les bouchées doubles. Les deux premiers ont récemment annoncé l'ouverture de data centers en France. Il n'est donc pas étonnant qu'OVH veuille accélérer son propre développement. Longtemps réticent à s'établir aux Etats-Unis en héraut de la protection des données de ses clients, le roubaisien s'y est donc résolu, non sans avoir planché avec des avocats pour échapper au Freedom Act (le successeur du Patriot Act) qui peut permettre à la justice américaine d'accéder aux données. Il a ainsi créé trois entreprises indépendantes - une en Europe, une au Canada et une aux Etats-Unis - pour éviter tout problème à ses clients non-américains.

    Pour aller se mesurer aux géants de cloud sur leur terrain, OVH mise surtout sur son offre de cloud « dédié », c'est-à-dire des serveurs en location mais réservés à un seul client - un marché sur lequel il a déjà fait ses preuves et où la concurrence américaine est beaucoup plus faible. En plus de cette expansion géographique, le français mise sur de nouveaux produits - un service de gestion de l'hébergement des applis mobiles aujourd'hui par exemple ou des serveurs équipés de puces graphiques ou reprogrammables à l'avenir. Enfin, alors qu'il s'est historiquement développé en commercialisant ses offres directement sur Internet, OVH muscle désormais son son réseau de partenaires, notamment les grands intégrateurs - CapGemini vient de les rejoindre - ou les réseaux télécoms, comme Rogers au Canada.

    La pédale de l'accélérateur est au plancher, OVH se donne quatre à cinq ans pour faire passer son chiffre d'affaires de 320 millions à plus d'un milliard d'euros.

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    1 milhão de clientes corporativos


    The french specialist of the cloud wants to accelerate its expansion, after completing a € 250 million fundraising last week.

    OVH roubaisien accelerates international

    Sebastien Dumoulin

    The french OVH server farms out of Earth, like mushrooms after the rain. At its 17 data existing centers, in France and in the Canada, the group said Tuesday, on the occasion of its annual event OVH Summit, three new facilities immediately available for its corporate clients million: in Australia, Poland and Singapore. The next will open before the end of the year on the East coast of the United States.

    "The Governor of Virginia who is moved to Roubaix Valley, to ask us to come", welcomed Octave Klaba, the founder of the company, sparking laughter among the 2,000 people present. Another data center on the coast West should follow beginning 2017, even though the place is not yet stopped. "We have an unlikely competitor, marijuana growers. It is the first time in my life,"explained Octave Klaba, sparking new laughs. The culture of this plant, which is legal in this State, requires large spaces well connected to the power grid... exactly as data centers.

    Follow the Germany and England by April, then the Spain and Italy in June, and finally the Netherlands end of 2017. Other geographies will be announced next year, according to the Directorate, which says to invest 1.5 billion euros over the next four to five years. It is for this acceleration that the family business has, for the first time, opened its capital to two investment funds (KKR and Towerbrook). The EUR 250 million fundraising was completed a few days before OVH Summit.

    escape to the Patriot Act

    It infrastructure on demand market is booming and its American champions - Amazon, Microsoft and Google - put twice as hard. The first two have recently announced the opening of data centers in France. It is therefore not surprising that OVH wants to speed up its own development. Long reluctant to settle in the United States in Herald of the protection of data of its customers, the roubaisien is therefore resolved, not without having worked with lawyers from the Freedom Act (the successor of the Patriot Act) which can allow American justice to access the data. He has created three independent companies - one in Europe, one to the Canada and one in the United States - to avoid any problem-US customers.

    To compete with the giants of the cloud in their field, OVH put especially on its offer of cloud "dedicated", i.e. rental servers but reserved to a single customer - a market on which it has already been proven and where competition American is much lower. In addition to this geographical expansion, the french put on new products - a mobile apps hosting management service today for example or servers equipped with graphics or reprogrammable chips in the future. Finally, while it has historically developed by marketing its offerings directly on the Internet, OVH muscle now its network of partners, including major integrators - CapGemini comes to join - or networks Telecom, like Rogers in the Canada.

    The accelerator pedal is to the floor, OVH is four to five years to increase its turnover of 320 million to more than one billion euros.
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    "The french OVH server farms out of Earth, like mushrooms after the rain."


    Os cogumelos alucinógenos (também cogumelos psicodélicos, ou ainda cogumelos mágicos) são fungos com propriedades alucinógenas, utilizados por diversos povos em suas atividades culturais, bem como drogas recreativas, especialmente por jovens urbanos influenciados por diversos movimentos culturais.

    No Brasil, nas décadas de 60 e 70, não era incomum ver jovens que buscavam determinada espécie destes cogumelos nos pastos dos estados do sul. Estes nasciam sobre o esterco do gado ...

    Sebastien sabe das coisas.

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