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    [EN] WHMCS: "We're increasing our pricing"

    If you manage under 250 active clients in your WHMCS installation, nothing is changing.

    We're adjusting our pricing

    To our valued customers,

    At WHMCS, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best web hosting automation platform on the market.

    We don't take any change to our pricing model lightly, and we don't take our customers for granted. But we do want to continue improving WHMCS, investing in the product to make it more powerful and deliver a better experience to you.

    As a result, we are introducing a tiered pricing structure that more accurately reflects the value users get from the product. The tiered pricing is modest and designed to reflect the business value of our product relative to your success. When you grow, WHMCS grows with you.

    Here's how the WHMCS pricing model will look going forward:

    • Up to 250 Clients $15.95/mo (Branded)
    • Up to 250 Clients $18.95/mo (No Branding)
    • Up to 1000 Clients $24.95/mo (No Branding)
    • Over 1000 Clients $39.95/mo (No Branding)

    In summary, if you manage under 250 active customers, your price is not changing. If you manage between 251 and 1000 active customers, your price will increase to $24.95/mo. And if you manage 1001 or more active customers, your price will increase to $39.95/mo.

    The new pricing will take effect for new subscriptions from today, but for existing subscriptions, nothing is changing today - we are giving existing customers a 6 month grace period for their existing subscriptions: new pricing will not take effect before April 2017. As a current WHMCS customer, we wanted to keep you informed about the change.

    We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to deliver the most flexible and feature full solution for your business.

    For more information about these changes, see our FAQ

    An email is being sent to all users directly affected by this change.

    Posted by Matt on Monday, October 3rd, 2016

    It really makes very little sense for a self-hosted solution, 250 clients or 250000 clients, it's the same piece of software and it is running on my infrastructure. Sure, if it was a SaaS solution, this is understood.
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    An interesting note, according to their pricing page they are going to be offering a SaaS-model Enterprise package soon starting at $29.95 per month.
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    What about Owned Licenses?

    As of today, we will no longer be offering owned licenses for sale.

    Developing, improving and providing support for the WHMCS product has ongoing costs, and therefore a subscription based model makes more sense.

    What does this mean for existing Owned Licenses?

    Existing Owned Licenses are unaffected by these changes. Owned licenses will continue to provide the same unlimited active client usage as before.

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    Eu detestei essa mudança e com isso deixamos de fornecer licenças do whmcs

    Pior que fui seco comprar a licença owned e fui surpreendido com essa impossibilidade hehehehe*• Revenda de Hospedagem Cloud Linux + WHMCS Grátis • Revenda de Hospedagem Linux Cpanel + CloudFlare • Hospedagem de Sites Cpanel + Construtor de Sites

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