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    [EN] Quadranet encerra Crissic

    Dear [ ] (-),


    It is with a heavy heart and after considerable deliberation that we are officially and permanently discontinuing the Crissic brand and all Crissic services.

    On December 4, 2016 (30 days after this notice is being sent), all Crissic services and servers will be taken offline and decommissioned.

    ** Effective immediately, we will be discontinuing and will no longer be able to provide technical support for this brand. **

    While we have delayed this decision for a significant period of time, we are no longer able to continue offering these services and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

    If you currently have an active service with Crissic, please submit a prorated refund request by December 4, 2016 in order to receive a prorated refund of services. Clients who wish to be migrated to a fully-managed dedicated server should speak with our sales department and we will be able to migrate your data for you. Any eligible pro-rated portion of payment can be applied towards such services as an account credit.

    For clients that do not wish to transfer services to a managed dedicated server environment, please utilize this time to retrieve any important data and make any necessary provisions.

    ** Please again, be advised of the following timeframe: **


    * Notification has been provided that the Crissic brand is being retired.

    * Technical support for Crissic services are no longer being provided.

    * Eligible Crissic clients should contact our billing department by ticketing system ( ) to request and receive any eligible pro-rated refund.

    * Crissic clients who would like to be transferred to a managed dedicated server environment should contact our sales department by opening a ticket ( ) so that they may provide you with options and coordinate migration of your data.

    * Clients who will not be continuing services (clients who will not be or are not interested in moving to a managed dedicated server) are requested to retrieve their content from their active Crissic services. Servers providing access to data will be taken offline permanently on 12/4/16.

    12/4/16 - 12:01AM PST

    * All Crissic services and servers will be taken offline permanently

    * All data that remains on servers that have been taken offline will be permanently removed for client data privacy. Please note and make arrangements to remove data prior to this deadline. We are unable to provide access to any data after this deadline.

    * The Crissic brand will be permanently retired.

    We are sad to see this brand close and we are very grateful to all the clients we’ve had the privilege of serving.

    Please contact us if you have any questions, we sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

    Crissic Solutions
    Fully Managed VPS & Dedicated Server Solutions

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    "QuadraNet is excited for what the future holds ...

    ... and we look forward to working with the Crissic customers." Dustin Cisneros

    August 11, 2015


    Crissic has been acquired by QuadraNet.

    QuadraNet has decided to keep inventory "out of stock" and will no longer be accepting new customers or additional orders via the Crissic brand. We ask that current customers who are interested in purchasing additional services check out and

    Alternatively, if customers are interested in consolidating multiple VPS into one dedicated server, QuadraNet can certainly assist with providing a competitive quote! Please e-mail

    Thank You!

    Dustin Cisneros

    translation: our only reason for making this purchase was those 39,936 IP addresses!

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