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    [EN] Pivotal Cloud Foundry Goes Global With Azure

    Pivotal’s open source Cloud Foundry lands on Microsoft Azure

    Mike Wheatley
    Nov 14, 2016

    Microsoft Corp. has announced the general availability of Pivotal Software Inc.’s open source cloud service Cloud Foundry on the software giant’s Azure cloud computing platform, in a move that marries cloud Java with .NET applications.

    Microsoft previously added support for Cloud Foundry on Azure last May. In an announcement, Microsoft said that Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry platform will run natively on Azure. Pivotal, which is now a part of Dell Technologies Inc. after its original parent company EMC Corp. was acquired by Dell, has been busy expanding its footprint and serves as the foundation for many of Ford Motor Co. and General Electric Corp.’s cloud-based applications.

    Cloud Foundry is a developer-oriented platform that makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale cloud applications written in different programming languages. By making it available on Azure, Microsoft says it’s providing developers with a more consistent experience plus a simplified provisioning workflow that leverages Azure Resource Manager templates.

    “The GA [general availability] of Cloud Foundry on Azure is a major milestone for both the open source community and our enterprise customers,” said James Watters, vice president and general manager for Pivotal’s Cloud Platform Group. “The demand for Azure was so high that we already have Fortune 100 customers building their next-generation applications with Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure.”

    Microsoft added that Azure and Cloud Foundry have a wide raft of service integrations, including service brokers and global support. In addition, Azure will also support Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager, which uses tiles similar to Windows 10 as a way to deploy services.

    Microsoft revealed that Cloud Foundry has actually been enabled on Azure since November 2015, but says the official collaboration with Pivotal allows for more enterprise perks. These include support, one-click marketplace deployments, and support for Java, Spring and 12-factor applications.

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    James Watters ‏@wattersjames 13 hours ago

    As far as I can see @cloudfoundry is the only multi-cloud app platform on earth with CPIs/Brokers to turn everything into an API: discuss

    -->CPIs: Turn-key API based provisioning/update
    -->Broker API; expose best local services to apps

    Kelsey Hightower ‏@kelseyhightower 11 hours ago

    @wattersjames @cloudfoundry Hard to argue. The Kubernetes community is paying attention and adopting parts of the CF service broker model.

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