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    Host1Plus Black Friday: VPS 30% OFF | Cloud Server 60% OFF

    VPS Hosting

    United States (Los Angeles, Chicago)
    Germany (Frankfurt)
    Brazil (Sao Paulo)
    South Africa (Johannesburg)

    Coupon: BLACK30 - get 30 % OFF for any VPS plan (Except Amber) for 3-6 months billing cycles!

    Cloud Servers ßeta

    United States (Chicago)
    Germany (Frankfurt)
    Brazil (soon)

    Coupon: CS50OFF – receive up to 60% discount on any of our Cloud Servers ßeta plans for a selected time period (from 1 to 6 month billing cycles)!

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    Dec 2010

    São Paulo Hardware Upgrades

    Aistis Zenkevičius
    Chief Technology Officer

    I would like to cover few key aspects of hardware upgrades in São Paulo, Brazil that will bring you increased service quality and better performance.

    High-end hardware

    All of our servers infrastructure upgraded with the latest Intel Xeon® E5 processors, DDR4 ECC RAM and dual 10-Gbit networking.


    Highly available and distributed storage backend. It will be a blend of enterprise SATA and fastest enterprise SSDs on the market to sustain thousands of customer IOps.


    Redundant 10-Gbit links to our upstream providers with a dedicated line to the largest Brazilian Internet Exchange – PTTMetro.

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