2 minutes ago by Guy Chazan

Deutsche Telekom says it may have been the victim of a hack attack, after hundreds of thousands of the company’s German customers complained of disruptions to telephone, internet and TV services.

DT said some 900,000 Internet routers across Germany were affected by the outage. Many customers had been experiencing problems since Sunday afternoon.

“We have the first indications that we have possibly become the victim of a hack-attack,” a spokesperson said.

The company provided customers with a software update and told them to activate it by disconnecting and reconnecting their routers.

The outage comes at a time of rising concern among German companies about their vulnerability to cyber attack.

Telecoms groups are often targeted. Earlier this month a 17-year-old youth in the UK admitted seven hacking offences relating to last year’s data breach at TalkTalk in which 156,000 customers were affected.