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    [EN] UpCloud raises €4M from investors

    PR: 28 November, 2016

    Finnish cloud computing start-up UpCloud announces that it has raised €4 million in its first round of external funding, led by Nordic venture capital company Inventure. Formed in 2011, UpCloud offers cost-effective and high-performance cloud computing from four data centres located in Helsinki, London, Chicago and Frankfurt.

    The company’s technology, which diligently follows privacy regulations, is built in-house to offer better performance, redundancy and value for customers. With the extra funding, UpCloud will expand its team as well as finance the opening of new offices and data centres internationally.

    In spring 2016, UpCloud was awarded the highest performance in the infrastructure space in a benchmark released by market research company CloudSpectator.

    The research was conducted amongst 19 cloud computing companies across Europe and included the likes of Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

    Now, UpCloud aims to become the defacto global European alternative in the high-performance cloud space, with this initial round of funding consolidating the company’s position as a real contender in the market.

    We have built value for our customers from the start and enjoyed excellent revenue growth. Our ambition is to offer our services to customers globally at a faster pace, and this is the next step on that path,” said Antti Vilpponen, CEO of UpCloud.

    We at Inventure are happy to further boost the growth of UpCloud, supporting the company in expanding to new markets and customer segments, which will all benefit from the superior cloud performance UpCloud offers,” commented Sami Lampinen from Inventure.

    UpCloud’s commitment to providing clients with the utmost service and value has been recognised by industry third parties. UpCloud was recently named the third fastest growing technology company in Finland in Deloitte’s annual Fast-50 listing, with a growth rate of nearly 1,200% over the last four years.

    “A major shortcoming in cloud computing has always been poor and fluctuating performance. We have, over the years, solved many difficult challenges with our own R&D and technology and I am very happy to confirm that we are now able to spread our world-class technology faster, and to an even wider audience,” says Joel Pihlajamaa, CTO and Founder of UpCloud.

    About UpCloud

    UpCloud is a performance and price leader in the cloud computing space with proprietary technology, such as MaxIOPS. The company was founded by Joel Pihlajamaa in 2011. The company’s vision is to become a global European alternative in the cloud computing space. UpCloud operates currently out of four data centers in Helsinki, London, Chicago and Frankfurt. For more information, please visit

    About Inventure

    Inventure is a leading early-stage venture capital company in the Nordics and Baltics. Inventure invests in innovative and fast-growing companies, led by exceptional entrepreneurs that are willing to disrupt their industries. Inventure’s team is a great mix of experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investment professionals committed to help start-ups build global success stories. Inventure operates in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Shanghai. For more information, please visit

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    Preconfigured cloud servers

    Preconfigured servers are billed hourly and as they are reserved for the customer they are also billed when turned off. One IPv4 and the specified resources above are included, otherwise please refer to our pricing table below.

    You may add extra storages and remain within preconfigured pricing.

    Freely scalable cloud servers

    In this scheme, you may configure CPU, RAM and storage freely and the resources are only billed by usage - if you shutdown a freely scalable cloud server, you only pay for the reserved storage and IP-addresses.

    Freely scalable servers follow the pricing table below so you can easily predict your costs even with bigger deployments.


    Resource Chicago / Frankfurt London Helsinki
    hour 30 days hour 30 days hour 30 days
    1 CPU core 0.0112 8.06 0.0112 8.06 0.0124 8.93
    1 GB of memory 0.0056 4.03 0.0056 4.03 0.0136 9.79
    Backups, per GB stored 0.000078 0.06 0.000078 0.06 0.000078 0.06
    1 GB of Storage (HDD) n/a n/a 0.000078 0.06 0.000145 0.10
    1 GB of Storage (SSD)* n/a n/a 0.00031 0.22 0.00056 0.40
    1 GB of Storage (MaxIOPS) 0.00031 0.22 0.00031 0.22 0.00031 0.22
    1 GB of Template 0.00031 0.22 0.00031 0.22 0.00031 0.22
    Firewall 0.0056 4.03 0.0056 4.03 0.0056 4.03
    1 Public IPv4-address 0.00336 2.42 0.00336 2.42 0.00336 2.42
    1 Private IPv4, 1 Public/Private IPv6 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
    Microsoft licenses per CPU 0.0336 24.19 0.0336 24.19 0.0336 24.19
    1xCPU-1GB (preconfigured) 0.01488 10.00 0.01488 10.00 0.02232 15.00
    2xCPU-2GB (preconfigured) 0.02976 20.00 0.02976 20.00 0.04464 30.00
    4xCPU-4GB (preconfigured) 0.05952 40.00 0.05952 40.00 0.08928 60.00
    6xCPU-8GB (preconfigured) 0.11905 80.00 0.11905 80.00 0.17856 119.99

    Traffic is charged at $0.056 per outbound GB. All inbound traffic and private network traffic is free. Prices do not include value added tax, which may be added depending on your location.

    * SSD is not available for new server deployments. MaxIOPS is the replacing, superior, product.

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