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Tópico: Leap second bug

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    Leap second bug

    01 de Janeiro de 2017

    0h UTC
    1h da madrugada na Bélgica

    Alarme: Rede fora do ar

    Follow up

    • 2017-01-01 01:09:38 : No connection with our core routing. Driving to the datacenter, ETA 30 min
    • 2017-01-01 01:35:01 : Leap second issue.
    • 2017-01-01 01:44:10 : All patches done, testing one last time, simulating leap second after boot
    • 2017-01-01 01:45:04 : All ok en online. "Happy" new year!
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    How and why the leap second affected Cloudflare DNS

    John Graham-Cumming
    01 Jan 2017

    At midnight UTC on New Year’s Day, deep inside Cloudflare’s custom RRDNS software, a number went negative when it should always have been, at worst, zero. A little later this negative value caused RRDNS to panic. This panic was caught using the recover feature of the Go language. The net effect was that some DNS resolutions to some Cloudflare managed web properties failed.

    The problem only affected customers who use CNAME DNS records with Cloudflare, and only affected a small number of machines across Cloudflare's 102 data centers. At peak approximately 0.2% of DNS queries to Cloudflare were affected and less than 1% of all HTTP requests to Cloudflare encountered an error.

    This problem was quickly identified. The most affected machines were patched in 90 minutes and the fix was rolled out worldwide by 0645 UTC. We are sorry that our customers were affected, but we thought it was worth writing up the root cause for others to understand.

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