January 30, 2017

NL-ix today announces it has added the Iliad DC3 Paris data centre to its European interconnection fabric, making it the 103th NL-ix enabled data centre in Europe.

Nicolas Fontes, Sales Director at Iliad datacenter, says he is excited about the added value NL-ix brings. “In a world where interconnectivity is quickly becoming all important, the complete interconnection portfolio of NL-ix offering peering, transport, routing and cloud connectivity services on a single port is a welcome, valuable addition for our growing ecosystem of customers.”

Launching customer at the Iliad premises is Online.net, one of the largest French Hosting Service Providers, connecting to the NL-ix fabric using 2 x 100Gbit/s peering ports. Jan Hoogenboom, founder of NL-ix; “The peering ports Online.net has taken into use at our new PoP at Iliad Datacenter DC3 is proof of the growing momentum of the NL-ix distributed Exchange Model. The upstream traffic generated by Online.net’s Clients can now, over our distributed exchange, quickly find its way to eyeballs all over Europe, further improving the quality of the offered Online.net services.”

Earlier this month NL-ix scaled its Paris fibre optic ring with additional capacity. The added capacity allows for further growth of IP traffic, driven by rapid customer uptake at the NL-ix Marseille PoP and by network customers elsewhere in Europe looking to exchange traffic with members connected in France.