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    US$ 2 KVM 1GB RAM 40GB HDD 500GB@200Mbps - Vortexnode - Buffalo/NY

    LEB VPS Special

    • 1024MB RAM
    • 512 MB vSwap
    • 2x vCPU
    • 40GB HDD space
    • 500GB Transfer (200Mbps Port Cap)
    • 1x IPv4
    • KVM/SolusVM
    • [Order Now]

    DC ColoCrossing
    Buffalo, NY, USA
    Test IPv4:
    Test file:
    Looking glass:

    E3-1270 up to Dual E5-2620
    32GB RAM up to 128GB RAM
    2x1TB up to 4x1TB HDD
    Hardware RAID
    1Gbps uplink


    “ has been providing unmanaged hosting services since 2013 and in September 2016 became part of Linovus Holdings Inc. The Linovus management team have years of experience in the web hosting arena and since then, VortexNode has revolutionized in to a renowned provider of unmanaged hosting services.

    VortexNode provides unmanaged hosting, VPS and dedicated servers from multiple-US Cities, Toronto (Canada) and Maidenhead (UK). We are excited to be continuing this expansion and bringing new products in new locations to constantly meet the demands of our customers.”

    We have a team of 24×7 technical support staff based out of our head office in Mississauga (Canada) and our sub-offices in the UK and Bangladesh. We pride ourselves on Rapid Response Support and delivering quality unmanaged services to our clients.

    Their WHOIS is public and are a registered company in Ontario, Canada (818680373)

    You can find their ToS here and legal docs here.

    They accept PayPal and all major credit cards.
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