After 2 years of structuring for OVH - capital increase of €250 million with the arrival of new international investors, strong growth in revenues, internationalization forced March with the opening of new data centers in Australia, Singapore and Poland and the constitution of the teams in the United States - OVH passes at top speed and is implementing a new governance for the growth of the Group and establish itself as the leader in global cloud.

Laurent Allard became Vice-president of the Board of Directors. As such, he is in charge to create and animate the strategic Committee group with mission the definition of strategy, strategic planning, public affairs, and strategic alliances management.

Octave Klaba is named CEO. He pilot the implementation of the strategy and is in charge of the technology. He retains his position as President of the Board of Directors.



"arrival of new international investors"

Quem sabe em francês signifique "pela primeira vez na história da OvH apareceu um investidor".