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    [Guide] How to disable automatic updates on Windows 10 Professional

    by MHzBurglar

    Here's a quick guide on how to bypass Microsoft's forced update system in Windows 10 and control your update installations through Powershell. Doing this will give you the same level of granular update control seen in previous versions of Windows, but without the nice GUI to accompany it.

    Note to Windows 10 Home Users: There is currently no way to do this in the Home edition as it cannot be managed by any form of group policy, nor does it respect the corresponding Windows Update policy settings if added directly to the registry. Previous versions of Windows did, but Windows 10 Home seems to do things differently.

    To disable automatic updates:

    1. Run gpedit.msc. This will allow you to edit the local group policy.
    2. In the group policy editor, navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update
    3. On the right-hand pane, locate the setting called "Configure Automatic Updates" and double-click it
    4. Set this policy setting to enabled and pick whichever behaviour you want Windows Updates to use. I recommend "notify to download, notify to install", but you can completely turn updates off completely by setting it to never check or notify. The 'schedule' drop-downs don't really matter unless you pick one of the auto-downloads/install options.
    5. Click Ok and close gpedit.msc. Windows should now behave as you told it to (though a reboot may be needed.)


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    Boa dica.

    Já configurei o meu.

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