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    US$ 7 Oracle Managed DNS

    Our DNS solutions include our flagship Managed DNS service for ensuring superior DNS performance and availability across the globe, Traffic Steering solutions for optimizing the responsiveness and reliability of web-based applications and services, and our Secondary DNS solution for extending the resiliency of your existing DNS infrastructure.

    • Industry-leading DNS response times worldwide (<30ms)
    • Industry-leading DNS propagation times (<30s)
    • Industry-leading uptime for over 10 years
    • Hundreds of sensors collecting 240 billion data elements daily
    • Highly resilient network with four tier-1 transit providers per PoP
    • Battle-proven DDoS mitigated expertise built in at no extra cost
    • Continuously improving geolocation accuracy

    • Managed DNS Express1 (1 Month) $7.00

    Zones: 1
    Records: 50
    Queries per Month: 1,000,000

    18 Global Points of Presence
    Global Anycast Network
    Usage Reporting per domain and record
    DNS DDOS protection

    • Managed DNS Express Zone Bundle (1 month) $5.00

    +20 Zones
    +200 Records
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