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    [EN] Intel e Rackspace jogam a toalha do OpenStack

    30 Rackspace employees have been given two weeks to find new jobs at the San Antonio-based company.

    Barb Darrow
    April 15, 2017

    Intel has cut funding for an effort it launched two years ago with Rackspace to encourage the use of OpenStack software technology by big business customers that want more flexible and cheaper data center infrastructure.

    The two companies announced the joint effort, called the OpenStack Innovation Center, in July 2015. A source close to the effort said initial funding was supposed to last through 2018, but Intel pulled it early.

    Intel and Rackspace disclosed the decision internally on Tuesday, the source said.

    An Intel spokesman confirmed that it has "decided to conclude its participation" in the project, but that it and Rackspace are proud of the accomplishments the teams have made.

    A Rackspace spokeswoman said "OSIC's objective was to create the world's largest OpenStack developer cloud and develop enterprise capabilities within OpenStack. It quickly accomplished the first goal, and has made great progress toward the second."

    OpenStack is an open source set of software tools that companies can use to build their own cloud infrastructure. When it launched seven years ago, OpenStack was pitched as an alternative to VMware software running in corporate data centers and Amazon Web Services, which offers shared public cloud infrastructure that many companies use.

    A source close to Rackspace, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak about the matter publicly, said some 30 Rackspace employees who had been working at the innovation center have been given two weeks to find new jobs at the San Antonio-based company.

    This is bad news for OpenStack, which has seen other vendors cut support in recent years. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Cisco both pulled back on their OpenStack projects and laid off OpenStack-related staff over the last six months. Mirantis has also eliminated staff focused on OpenStack during that period.

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    ICYMI: Intel, Rackspace Team Up in Enterprise OpenStack Adoption Push

    Rackspace, Intel to coordinate 'world's largest OpenStack dev team'

    Barb Darrow
    Jul 23, 2015

    And the various cloud alliances keep on coming. Today's edition: Rackspace and Intel are collaborating on an "OpenStack Innovation Center" to run at Rackspace's San Antonio, Texas headquarters.

    The two companies, both of which are Platinum-level members of the OpenStack Foundation, will also offer two 1,000-node clusters to perform large-scale testing of new features and implementations. The clusters should be online within six months.

    Together the companies will also hire "hundreds of engineers" to work on OpenStack over the course of the next few years, a spokesman for Rackspace told Fortune.


    OpenStack, now nearly five years old, is still seen by many as unfinished and hard to deploy in big companies. In addition, some naysayers argue that the advent of containers and container management technologies may negate the need for some of what OpenStack does.


    On Thursday, Intel also announced another feel-good initiative under the "Intel Cloud for All" initiative, that it said builds on a raft of previous multi-vendor pushes including the Open Container Initiative, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

    Whether this flurry of press releases larded with carefully-vetted quotes result in real cloud acceleration or a slow-motion "death by consortium," remains to be seen.

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