Anton van Pelt
27 Apr 2017

For a few years, Citrix has offered XenMobile as a cloud-based product, known simply as XenMobile Cloud. It was not integrated with the Citrix Cloud portfolio—basically, a XenMobile Cloud deployment was a regular XenMobile cluster, spread over two Amazon AWS datacenters.

Although XenMobile Cloud still resides on AWS, it is in the process of migrating to Microsoft Azure. To mark this move, the name has been changed to XenMobile Service. This is in line with the XenApp and XenDesktop Service, which also reside on Azure.

The bold statement Citrix made a while ago about having a cloud-first approach means a lot to these products: Changes and new features will get added every 3 weeks, while on-premises deployments need to wait for the next maintenance release.

For today’s article, we will examine the most important changes that are bringing XenMobile into the future.