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    [EN] IBM cloud demand prompts fourth Aussie datacenter

    The company has cloud data centers in 19 countries worldwide, and the latest will be the company’s 55th.

    26 May 2017

    IBM’s cloud business in Australia is clearly getting some love from the local market, with the company opening up its fourth datacentre presence in the country.

    The Eskine park facility, in Western Sydney, has a maximum IT load capacity of 6MW and will be run by colocation provider Digital Realty, as are the company’s three other data centers, two of which are in Sydney and the other in Melbourne; in 2014, IBM invested AU$35million to bring its SoftLayer cloud services to the country.

    According to IBM Australia, the move was prompted by increasing demand in the local market.

    The new datacentre is based on IBM’s Bluemix infrastructure (SoftLayer) platform, offering cloud hosting on Bluemix as well as enterprise services such as IBM Blockchain and Watson, the company’s AI platform.

    Watson, IBM’s cognitive computing system, combines speech recognition technology with data analytics. It was commercialized as an analytics-as-a-service tool in 2014 and has since been widely adopted for business and research purposes.

    The technology company offers bare metal, private and public virtual machines, which it claims are the only InfoSec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) cloud services certified by the Australian Department of Defence.

    “IBM’s strategy is to focus on building local data centers in country because we know our enterprise clients want to keep their data local – whether that’s for performance, security or flexibility,” a company spokesperson told ARN.
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