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    [EN] DigitalOcean: Introducing Spaces (Object Storage, 250GB / US$ 5)

    We’re excited to announce Spaces, a new product designed to quickly store and serve any amount of data.

    Developers can create a Space in two clicks using the drag-and-drop UI or API, and instantly have object storage that scales automatically, works with S3-compatible tools, and requires minimal configuration or management.

    Pricing starts at $5 per month and includes 250 GB of storage and 1 TB of outbound data transfer per month. Inbound data transfer for uploading is free. Additional bandwidth is available at $0.01 per GB of data transfer, and additional storage is $0.02 per GB stored.

    Try it out with a free 2-month trial .

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    Introducing Spaces: Scalable Object Storage on DigitalOcean

    John Gannon
    September 20, 2017

    Today we’re excited to announce the launch of DigitalOcean Spaces: a simple, standalone object storage service that enables developers to store and serve any amount of data with automatic scalability, performance, and reliability.

    Object storage has been one of the most requested products that we’ve been asked to build. When we embarked on developing a scalable storage product that is abstracted from compute resources, we realized we had an opportunity to refactor and improve how developers solve this problem today.


    We believe in simplifying our products to enable developers to build great software. To do that, we look at every opportunity to remove friction from the development process including spending less time estimating costs associated with storage, transfer, number of requests, pricing tiers, and regional pricing.

    Spaces is available for a simple $5 per month price and includes 250GB of storage and 1TB of outbound bandwidth. There are no costs per request and additional storage is priced at the lowest rate available: $0.01 per GB transferred and $0.02 per GB stored. Uploads are free.

    Spaces provides cost savings of up to 10x along with predictable pricing and no surprises on your monthly bill.

    To make it easy for anyone to try, we are offering a 2 month free trial.

    Scales with Your Data

    Spaces is designed to scale automatically; as your application data grows, you won't need to worry about scaling any storage infrastructure. Although your Space can be configured to be accessed from anywhere, we realize that some customers prefer to keep their data close to their customers or to their own compute nodes.

    To that end, Spaces is available in our NYC3 region as of today, and will be rolled out in AMS3 before the end of 2017. More regions will follow in early 2018—stay tuned for future updates.

    Designed for Developers

    Our goal was to simplify the essential components of object storage into a clean design. We tested several designs with developers to ensure Spaces was easy to use and manage with deployed applications. With Spaces, you can:

    • Create a Space in two clicks; just give your Space a name and you’re off to the races.
    • Drag-and-drop uploads and use multi-select capabilities, with more improvements to come.
    • Quickly change permissions and metadata for one to many files at once. This comes in handy when you’re setting up your application to sit behind a CDN, or applying uniform permissions and metadata across a large number of files.

    You can use your favorite storage management tools and libraries with Spaces. A large ecosystem of S3-compatible tools and libraries can be used to manage your Space. (We’ve published articles about some of these tools on our Community site; find the links in the “Getting Started” section below.)

    Secure, Reliable, and Performant

    Files you store in Spaces are encrypted on physical disks with 256-bit AES-XTS full-disk encryption. In addition, you can encrypt files with your own keys before uploading them to Spaces. You can limit access to Spaces and the files within using your Spaces API key(s) and permissioning.

    Files stored in Spaces are distributed using a fault-tolerant placement technique called erasure coding. Spaces can tolerate multiple host failures without blocking any client I/O or experiencing any data loss.

    Spaces is designed to provide high availability for storing and serving web assets, media, backups, log files, and application data. At DigitalOcean, we use Spaces for a variety of applications including serving of web assets (html, images, js) for, and for backups of data critical to our business. During the early access period, thousands of users stored millions of objects and Spaces performed as expected with low latency and high throughput.

    Getting Started

    Almost 90,000 developers and businesses signed up to try Spaces during early access. Find out more about how your application could use Spaces for cost effective and scalable object storage by reading these articles and tutorials:


    API Documentation

    Command-Line Clients

    GUI Clients

    We’ll be adding new features and regions over the coming months and look forward to hearing your feedback!

    PS: We will be supporting static websites (served completely from Spaces i.e. no droplets needed) before the end of the year.

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    Kristian • 5 hours ago

    Can I share the storage among multiple buckets? Currently we use 3 bucket to keep things separated (media, javascript/css, auto-generated content).

    John Gannon > Kristian • 4 hours ago

    Yes - the 250 GB/month in your subscription would be computed across all of your Spaces, regardless of region.

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    DigitalOcean Adds Object Storage and Machine Learning

    TC Currie

    Two new services from the New York-based cloud provider DigitalOcean aim to provide access to scalable object storage and to get developers quickly up to speed on machine learning.

    DigitalOcean’s new object storage service, called DigitalOcean Spaces, was designed to scale data storage into the petabyte sphere, according to Shiven Ramji, DigitalOcean vice president of product.

    “We’re delivering it in typical DigitalOcean style,” said Ramji, “which means we have a very developer-friendly and easy-to-use interface for customers to get started.”

    Following on the heels of the introduction of load balancers in February, droplet monitoring in April, scalable firewalls in June, and high-capacity CPUs in July, Spaces is one more step in DigitalOcean Chief Technology Officer Julia Austin‘s mission to grow DigitalOcean’s enterprise capabilities and simplify cloud infrastructure while creating an experience that developers love. DigitalOcean also recently crossed the one million user mark with over 50,000 engineering teams at companies including HP, Atlassian, and TaskRabbit, so the upgrades seem to be working.

    Spaces requires almost no configuration, he said. Developers can store things like static assets, images and movies, and backup files and logs. They can drag and drop files, or use the included DigitalOcean API to automate the upload whatever assets they want to store.

    If you’re a current customer, Spaces is part of the existing suite. A two-month free trial is available. After that, pricing starts at $5 for 250 GB of storage and 1 TB of outbound transfer. Addition storage is 2 cents per GB per month, and 1 cent per GB served out to the internet. Uploads into Spaces are free.

    With this huge storage capability comes DigitalOcean’s move into machine learning (ML) with Machine Learning 1-Click product revealed late last month. It was designed to work with Spaces.

    Ramji explained that any data scientist can come onto the platform and can quickly get going with an ML platform to allow them to run data analysis.

    Bundled into the product are data science tools including R, and Jupiter Notebooks, some deep learning tools like TensorFlow and PiTorch, along with data mining libraries like Pandas and Shiny.

    So a data scientist who wants to process tons of desegregated data can now dump log files into Spaces, spin up the Machine Learning service to analyze huge data sets. The machine learning service comes with in-depth tutorials, said Ramji.

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    Exclamation eWeek

    DigitalOcean Launches Object Storage for Developer Cloud

    Chris Preimesberger
    September 20, 2017


    The company claims Spaces, which runs on Amazon Web Services S3, provides a scalable and cost-effective way to address complex storage needs inside the same developer-friendly user interface for which DigitalOcean is known.



    Alex Budin • 19 hours ago

    Based on initial tests when this was in beta, i noticed that Spaces is actually built on top of S3. As the error messaging i was getting when assets where missing, were all Amazon S3 errors and S3 references. Whats the advantage of using Spaces and not S3 in terms of price? I acknowldge the infrastructure advantages, so im just curious about the price. Can anyone help with that please?

    John Gannon [DO] > Alex Budin • 18 hours ago

    Hi Alex - we have built Spaces with an API that has a high degree of compatibility with the AWS S3 API. However, there is no use of Amazon S3 itself to deliver the Spaces service.

    As to your pricing question: The amount of storage and transfer included in the DigitalOcean $5/mo plan (250 GB stored and 1 TB of outbound transfer) would cost over $95.66/mo on AWS S3, based on the AWS S3 published rate card (US East).

    Misiek > Alex Budin • 18 hours ago

    There are many technologies that mimic S3 to be compatible with existing clients. Just by getting the same response as from S3 it doesn't mean there is S3 behind the scenes. Ceph, Minio and Riak are common examples of such alternatives to S3 you can host yourself (and DO is using one of them probably).

    Uma questão não levantada é se a DO continuará a utilizar Glacier nos backups.

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    Product Update: October 2017

    12 Oct 2017

    Spaces is Generally Available

    DigitalOcean Spaces is Object Storage designed for developers who want a simple way to store and serve a vast amount of data. Almost 90,000 developers signed up to try it out, and now it’s generally available to host your web assets and backups.

    Try out Spaces with a free 2-month trial.

    Block Storage London and NYC3 + Future Rollouts

    Need more disk? You can now add Block Storage volumes up to 16TB in size to Droplets in London and New York City! Here is the schedule we're targeting for Block Storage rollout over the coming months:

    • Singapore (SGP1): Now!
    • Toronto (TOR1): Now!
    • Bangalore (BLR1): Now!
    • New York City (NYC3): Now!
    • London (LON1): Now!
    • Amsterdam (AMS3): Q1 ‘18

    Hatch, our startup program, turns one! We will keep the celebration going in Lisbon. Come meet us at Web Summit from November 6-9 at booth #864 and see a live demo of Spaces, and RSVP to join us for a special evening of cocktails, delicious Portuguese cuisine, and special gifts.

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