Agora foi a vez da wiredtree aumentar os recusros dos servidores hybridos:

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Web hosting provider WiredTree (WiredTree - Managed Dedicated Servers | Managed VPS Hosting | Fully Managed Web Hosting) announced on Monday that it has upgraded all of its managed hybrid server accounts.

In August, WiredTree implemented a range of new network upgrades to its downtown Chicago data center.

According to the press release, WiredTree's hybrid server offers the affordability and fixed resource allocation of a VPS account with a dedicated processor core for improved speed.

With the upgrades, WiredTree hybrid server customers will receive 3072MB guaranteed memory, 120GB RAID-10 disk space and 5000GB premium bandwidth, according to the press release.

"At WiredTree, our managed hybrid server plans have always been popular,” Zac Cogswell, president of WiredTree said in a statement. “But we are determined to keep developing our services every single year to retain our existing customers and attract new ones. Every customer is asking themselves the same thing – which provider can give me the most generous resource allocation with the best value? We believe that with these new improvements, the answer remains WiredTree.”

WiredTree says its hybrid server plans still include Xeon CPU core and free R1Soft backups.

"This time last year, our hybrid servers were the best in the business,” Cogswell said in a statement. “Now, we’ve upgraded everything to hold our position as one of the most generous managed server providers. It’s like a shot of adrenalin across our enter service range, offering every single customer the platform they need to grow their business over the next 12 months. We will continue to implement our ‘level up’ across all of hosting our services, every year, for new and existing customers alike.”
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