WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- O Facebook anunciou na ultima segunda-feira que iniciou a contrução de um segundo datacenter em Forest City, Carolina do Norte - USA

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(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Facebook announced on Monday it has begun building a second massive data center in Forest City, North Carolina, even before the social networking site's first data center has opened, according to a report by Data Center Knowledge.

Facebook data center manager George Henry said the second data center will mirror the 300,000 square foot Building 1, which it recently completed and is now being equipped with its first batch of servers.

This latest expansion only signals how rapidly the website is growing. Since Facebook began construction on its first Rutherford County data center last November, its membership has grown from 500 million users to more than 800 million users.

The company has also started building its second facility at its data center campus in Prineville, Oregon.

Facebook purchased 150 acres of land from Rutherford County for the $450 million project, in which the company build its first data center on vacant land, as well as demolished a former Mako Marine factory on the site to make way for a second data center.

Facebook's construction team, comprised of DPR Construction and Fortis Construction, employs about 500 people per day at the site. News of the second phase promises similar activity for at least another year.

"We believe the expanding operations and continued construction activities will have a positive impact on Rutherford County’s economy," Henry told county commissioners Monday.

Facebook has already hired about 30 full-time employees at the data center, and says the expansion will likely result in another 10 new jobs at the Rutherford campus.

The company says the energy-efficient data center will deploy many of the same techniques it used to reduce power at its Prineville site, including evaporative cooling instead of a chiller system.

Since the Rutherford site is in a warmer climate thant Prineville, the facility will be able to reduce the scope of free cooling, while mirroring Prineville's practice of re-using excess heat stemming from servers to the building's office space.

Facebook will also likely implement the same custom server and data center designs it outlined in the Open Compute Project, which the company launched in February.
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